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Monthly Archives : March 2017

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Can it be?

Posted by 26 March, 2017 Comments off

I can’t believe it. Seriously, I made something without any issues. Not one! It’s not even April Fools Day. I made a quilt AND a pillow.  An “art” quilt & pillow. Art quilting is my favorite thing I have done so far on my sewing journey.  No rules. No pattern….

Right Sides Together

Posted by 19 March, 2017 Comments off
I seem to be drawn to garments lately.  Why?  Because you can finish 100 garments in the time it takes to make 1 quilt.  Seriously.  So, when it came time to pick a project to do for this weeks blog, guess what I chose?  A shirt.  A plaid shirt. A...
A few weeks ago, I called up Modern Textiles and asked them if they would pick me out 4 different fabrics, 3 yards each.  I did not want a say in what they chose. My goal was to be forced to use the fabric that they gave me. I tend...
First off, BRAVO to Joe for his blog last week!  This is what I learned from Joe:  You should practice before you actually start to sew and you should make mock projects before the real deal.  Brilliant.  However, too much work, so I will stick to my philosophy of, "It's...