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Monthly Archives : April 2017

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Social Circle

Posted by 30 April, 2017 Comments off
Here is me in a nutshell.  I am a stay-at-home mom of an 11 & 13 year old.  Both of which are in every sport possible.  I work part-time for my husband doing social media & marketing (ha ha ha....jokes on him, I have no experience whatsoever).  The only reason...

The Only One

Posted by 23 April, 2017 No Comments
I did it.  My first traditional block quilt.  I chose "Only One Quilt" by Dory Cary because you can arrange the blocks anyway you want.  You need 6 yards of one fabric. No set pattern. The only real rule I had to follow was to cut the blocks wack &...

Just A Dart

Posted by 16 April, 2017 No Comments
A few weeks ago, my good friend Stacey's daughter, Katlyn, was asked to prom.  They went shopping "all over" for a dress.  They finally found one, but it didn't quite fit.  No problem, Stacey was thinking, I have Andrea.  She will fix it. I get a phone call from Stacey,...

Sewing Organization

Posted by 9 April, 2017 Comments off
I could use help here.  Believe it or not I am an organized person.  My THINGS are organized, my life is not.  I like everything to have a spot. There are lots of bits and pieces in sewing.  Fabric, needles, machines, ironing boards, thread, and notions galore... you get my...

The Burgum Quilt

Posted by 2 April, 2017 Comments off
Last week I went out for drinks with my "editors" otherwise known as my good friends.  After a few Moscow Mules, they informed me that my blog last week was not great.  "It was the WORST blog you have ever written." This is a quote, NOT a paraphrase.  I am...