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Monthly Archives : May 2017

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The End.

Posted by 28 May, 2017 No Comments
It's almost here.  The end of school!  Since I can now sew, I thought it would perfect to create something handmade.  I decided on getting some insulated mugs and making coffee cozy's to jazz them up. I have the cozy pattern down to a science!  We made 100's of them...

To PDF or Not to PDF

Posted by 21 May, 2017 Comments off
I made a garment out of my first PDF pattern.  I tried this the very first month I got into sewing.  I LOVE when I can get something instantly.  Just pay and download.  This sounds like something I would really like.  But.....there are over 100 pages.  I do exaggerate sometimes,...
I went to a sewing class this week at the store.  It was the "Catch All Caddy" class taught by Susan. It was the first hands on sewing class I have taken. Why would this be the first class I have taken considering my husband owns the store? BECAUSE, my...

Sewing Buddy

Posted by 7 May, 2017 Comments off
Guess what!!??  I have a sewing buddy.  Her name is Jordan.  She is 13.  She lives in Ohio. Here is what happened to me last week.  My best friend, Nicole, came to visit.  She actually came to do a speaking tour to promote her book "Kindness is Contagious",  but in...