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Monthly Archives : October 2017

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Friday Night Lights.

Posted by 29 October, 2017 Comments off
My daughter says to me, "I want to go trick or treating."  I respond with, "You are 5'7" and 14 years old.  You are too old to go trick or treating."  She tells me "BUT, I want to make a costume together!" She is lying, of course.  I know this. ...


Posted by 22 October, 2017 Comments off
Last week was not my week.  A few things.... 1) My blog did not go out as planned last week.  It was not because I didn't write it.  I did,  WEEKS ahead of time.  It didn't go out on time because our store credit card was stolen.  We had our...

Ruffle me this.

Posted by 15 October, 2017 Comments off
This summer Anna Maria Horner came out with some of her new fabric.  I really like Anna Maria.  I don't actually know her, but I stalk her on Instagram.  I have been trying to get her to come here to do an event, so far she hasn't jumped at the...
I took my second garment sewing class last night at Modern Textiles with Jean Sando.  I knew exactly what I wanted to to fit a garment to my body.  I fall between sizes and always pick the bigger size, sew it, THEN alter it!  Seriously, that is what I...

Ode to Kaye.

Posted by 1 October, 2017 Comments off
We had The Quilt Exhibit a few weeks ago.  Our featured speaker was Kaye England.  Never heard of her?  Me neither, but I am just stepping my toes into the quilting world.  I just figured she was some old lady quilter. ;-) Kaye was scheduled to give a trunk show...