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The Burgum Quilt

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The Burgum Quilt

Posted by Blog 2 April, 2017 Comments off

Last week I went out for drinks with my “editors” otherwise known as my good friends.  After a few Moscow Mules, they informed me that my blog last week was not great.  “It was the WORST blog you have ever written.” This is a quote, NOT a paraphrase.  I am a straight shooter, so I can handle the criticism.  I can also read between the lines.  IF you read last weeks blog, you know that my project was issue free.  I did NOT have any major problems.  Basically, my “editors” find it far more entertaining when I struggle.  They love me, I know, but like to see when I poke myself in the finger and draw blood or run pins through my serger.

My guess is that they will enjoy this blog.

It all started with the “FARGO” theme I had going at the store.  All things Fargo.  I made the Fargo Theater sign, the state of ND pillow, and the BISON fabric star.  I wanted to do one more project that represented North Dakota.  I was sewing these projects during the elections and there were political signs everywhere.  After Doug Burgum won Governor, I knew what I wanted to do.  His campaign sign. I wanted to make his campaign sign into a quilt.

Part one is my favorite part.  CREATING.  No rules.  Layer fabric and fuse it down.

Next, I had to figure out what font to use for the lettering.  I wanted it to match exactly.  I went through 100’s of fonts on my computer.  I couldn’t find a match.  That is when I remembered something. My sister.  She had a crazy infatuation with fonts.  I am not joking.  She knows fonts, I have no idea why.  She runs a yoga studio.  What are the chances?  I sent her a photo of the sign and asked, “Any random chance you can tell me what this font is?”  5 minutes later, “Coppersplate.” No hesitation, just Coppersplate. She was RIGHT.  Proving that my sister knows everything.  And I hate her a little.

I cut out my Coppersplate font, by hand, and fused it on. I also added as many North Dakota towns as I could fit. I KNOW, I spelled Bismarck wrong.  Do NOT worry my correct grammar friends.  I fixed it.  You can sleep soundly.

Next step, add batting, backing and quilt.  I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted it quilted.  I wanted the sun to have rays.  I added the sun because if North Dakota has anything that is awesome, it is our sunsets!  I told this to Kerry and she did the lines.  I don’t trust myself with straight lines.  Yet.  I’m getting there.  Once she did her first round of quilting, I added my quilting details.  I had just started to add my flare when this happened.

Needle flew out in the middle of my sewing.  I am pretty sure it happened because I didn’t actually screw it in place when I changed the needle.  Details. Don’t tell Darren.

Last thing.  Binding.  I dislike binding.  A lot.  But it is not going to bind itself.  I know because I let it sit there on my table for 2 weeks unbound.  Nothing happened.

I mentally prepare.  I cut all my binding strips. I need to sew them together.  Binding is sewn at a 45 degree angle.  I had 4 strips I had to sew together.  I made the same mistake….are you ready?  EIGHT times.  EIGHT.  I could not figure it out.  I literally screamed out loud after the 8th mistake.  My daughter came running down to see if I was alright.  “Maybe you should take a break Mom.”  Wisdom from a 13 year old.  What does she know. Nothing.  I keep sewing.

I finally get the binding sewn together correctly, but because I had to cut some of it off due to my mistakes, my binding is short.

I rip it all off.  Sew more strips together (additional 3 mistakes) and try it again.

STILL short!!  Now, I take a break.  For 5 days.

Finally, I talk myself into finishing.

The rest goes smooth.  Binding on.  Towns spelled correctly.  My mitered corners are not perfect, but nothing can be perfect, right?



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