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Better Than Snapchat

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Better Than Snapchat

Posted by Blog 9 July, 2017 Comments off

I have a confession to make.  I do not allow my children to have social media until they are 16. Why? Because I can not stand it.  I do believe my children are better humans when they are not on electronics.  I believe I am a better mother when I am not on electronics.  Why do I ever feel the need to post about my life on Facebook, is beyond me.  I have been trying very hard not too.  UNLESS, it is too funny NOT to share.  Like my mountain biking experience.



That needed to be shared, but other than that, why? I still do it.  It’s an addiction. Truly. I have decided that my children do not need the pressure of social media, at least not until they are out of middle school. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my 13 year old daughter is the ONLY one without Snapchat and Instagram!

Peyton, “Mom, I am the only one without snapchat.  THE ONLY ONE.”

Me, “You LIKE to be different.”

Peyton, “Not “bite my nails in the corner” kind of different.”

That got a laugh out of me and I almost gave in, almost.  Instead, I told her, “then don’t bite your nails.”

When school let out for the summer, the only friends I had were the ones within biking distance.  I didn’t have sports camps, playdates, out of town soccer tournaments, or summer camps.  I stayed home and biked all over, played outside, made things up in my brain (this is called using your imagination.), and dug in the dirt.

The best parenting advice I have received was, “let your child be bored.” It is okay not to have all your moments scheduled.  Running here to there, keeping a pace that is insane.  Let them be BORED… then things like this happen:

Peyton, “Well, since I can’t have my phone, do you want to help me sew something?”

Me, “HELL YES.”  (I didn’t say Hell, but I really wanted too!)

Peyton, “How about this dress?  I think it is maybe too short.”





Me, (Is that a dress??  It looks like a SHIRT!!  Again, I think this my head)  What I say out loud is, “Okay, why don’t you pick out some fabric and we can make it longer.”





She picks out some fabric and I help her pin it on.  Then she does the rest.





An hour later she is done.


Peyton, “That was really fun.”

Me, “Better than snapchat.”



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