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Challenge Complete!

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Challenge Complete!

Posted by Blog 12 March, 2017 No Comments

A few weeks ago, I called up Modern Textiles and asked them if they would pick me out 4 different fabrics, 3 yards each.  I did not want a say in what they chose. My goal was to be forced to use the fabric that they gave me. I tend to steer towards the same kind of things.  I wanted something different. Here is what they gave me.

I took the top pink lawn fabric and the stretchy denim on the bottom.  I gave the bird gauze to Kerry, and the flannel to Susan (both work at the store). THEY need a challenge too!  Really, I just wanted friends to sew with me.  They really don’t need a challenge.  Who am I kidding?

My plan was to make a dress with the top in the lawn fabric and the bottom in the stretchy denim.  Guess what??  The lawn fabric is SEE-through.  I decided no one wants to see my top half (except my husband) so I ditched the lawn fabric for a different one. I did end up using the lawn fabric for a doll dress and a tote bag.  Both of which were easy-breezy.

I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t you just line the lawn fabric? Then it would not be see-through and you could stick to your plan. SHUT UP!  I didn’t know this was an option at the time…OKAY! Moving on to my plan B dress….

I used a NON see-through cotton that I love.  It has little birds and triangles on it.  Adorable. I cut it out. Do you notice any issues with this??  Look close.

Birds do not fly this way.  Unless they are dead.  I have no more of this fabric. What am I supposed to do now?  If there is one thing I CAN do well, it is problem solve.

I fussy cut (sewing word, I just slipped it in there like it’s natural to talk this way) out little triangles and placed them on top of the birds.  You’d never know.  It’s called detailing, if anyone asks.

After a few adjustments with the skirt, I have a completed dress.  And I love it.

If you want to see all the completed projects from Susan & Kerry, check out our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.  I posted a “Fabric Challenge Reveal” video.  Yes, I act too.  You lucky people. You can read my writing AND see me in front of the camera.  Both of which make me break out in hives. If you watch my videos you will see my hands shaking. Every time.  I am a behind the scene girl.  Didn’t Darren get the memo???