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Cozys for the Cure

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“I don’t like to sit on the sidelines and watch something happen. I want to be in there, in the action, helping to fight.”

Not typical words of a 13-year-old. But then again, Jordan Phillips isn’t your typical 13-year-old.

In May 2015, Jordan’s mother, Nicole Phillips, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sad and scared, Jordan knew she couldn’t just sit back and watch. Something had to be done – not just for her mother, but for all women.

“I started making Cozys For The Cure products in 2015 to support my mom during her fight with breast cancer. I was just 11 years old when I started, but since then, I’ve raised more than $18,000 for Susan G. Komen.”

Now being sold in nearly 1,550 Walmarts across the country, these custom coffee mug sleeves, aka Cozys, are helping provide free mammograms to women all over America. Due to these free mammograms, several lives have already been saved.

Jordan has done the hard part. Now it’s up to us to help continue the fight. With your help, we can assist Jordan in fulfilling the flood of orders she is receiving for her Cozys.

Download the Cozys sewing template, get sewing, and help the cause.

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Cozys for the Cure

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