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Posted by Blog 10 December, 2017 No Comments

A few weeks ago our “Cozy for the Cure Tribe” was back in action.  Why?  Because Jordan has been getting some national attention for her Cozy fundraising efforts.  She was featured on the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  Once that feature aired, the orders POURED in.  So much so, that the website that sells her Cozy’s phoned Nicole and said, “I think we have been hacked.  100’s of Cozy orders have been coming in.”  Nicole FORGOT to tell them that Jordan was going to be on the national news.  Whoops.

Since there are hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands by now, (Nicole quit asking the number because it was stressing her out) the Fargo Cozy Tribe decided to get back together to start sewing to help Jordan.  It takes about 7 minutes to sew one cozy.  I know this, because Jordan actually timed it.  I am not good at math, but that would take one little girl a VERY long time.

Moms, Dads, BROTHERS, and sisters all got together one weekend to see how many Cozys we could crank out if we all worked together.  Here is a video of one wild and crazy Friday night at my house.  (Sorry Sarah, the rear view shot was not intentional!)


Tyler was a bit apprehensive to “sew”, so he did all our snipping and was our DJ.  Turns out Tyler likes explicit rap music.  Oh no!


After the moms started to complain, he started to play things like Bon Jovi and Prince.  I had no idea he knew these artists.  Then, I looked on the Spotify search bar and he had typed in “music moms like.”  I giggled…how does Spotify know these things?!

We ended up making 220 Cozys over the weekend.

It took a lot of effort and time to make 220 Cozys.  A drop in the bucket.  So I thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder if any of the sewing friends out there would want to help too?”  I had Jordan make a tutorial video and I made a PDF template and put it on our Blow’s website.   The link below:

All the information you need to make a Cozy is there.   It’s the perfect project to introduce a beginner sewer to sewing.  If you feel like donating some to the Cozy for the Cure project, just mail them or drop them off at Blow’s and I will be sure to get them to Jordan 🙂

I will also be at Blow’s during our Open House on Dec. 12th, sewing them.  Feel free to stop in and join me:). We will be having special holiday event pricing on machines, I will be serving my beloved mint chocolate brownies (if I can get my kids & Darren to stop eating them!), and you can vote for your favorite Christmas stocking created by our Blow’s customers.

Either way, I hope you get sewing on Cozys or other fun holiday projects!  I always love to share what you are all up to. Post them on our Facebook, Instagram, or email me your creations!!