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Posted by Blog 24 September, 2017 1 Comment

Here is the deal:  I stopped writing my blog.  Why??  Because NO ONE noticed. Not even my mother.   Yes, Mom, I’m calling you out!

I haven’t written for over a month.  Nobody has said a word about it.  I told Kerry, “I stopped writing my blog because no one cares.”  She asked me if I will start it up again once summer is over.  I said to her, “If even one person says something to me about it at The Quilt Exhibit, I will, if not, I won’t.”

Guess what.  Someone did.  Karen.

We were taking down the show on Sunday afternoon when she quietly came up to me and said, “I miss your blog.  I wait on Sunday’s for it to show up in my email.  It’s really entertaining and I miss it.”

WAIT….you read it??? SOMEONE reads it and cares???

I did have more than Karen tell me that they like my blog, but no one noticed that I haven’t written one post in over a month.  KAREN, I am writing again because of YOU:)  Thank you for noticing!

AND Mom, I am joking:)  You can read it, or not, and I still love you.



One Comment so far:

  1. Andrea,
    I love your blog. Don’t stop. I did miss it when it didn’t come on Sunday. Just figured you where to busy with your quilt for the Quilt Expo. I am glad you are back and keep up the good work. You inspire me.
    Love you girl, Vernie Ames