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My First Attempt at Real Sewing

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My First Attempt at Real Sewing

Posted by Blog 9 October, 2016 No Comments

If you read my first blog, you know that I do not sew.  That 3 months ago Cozys for the Cure entered my life and gave me my first push to at least TRY to sew.  What also entered my life was, The Quilt Exhibit.

I figured this would be a great venue to sell and raise money for our Cozy mission.  The girls set up their little booth and sewed away.  I was told, “Mom, we sell WAY more cozy’s when you are NOT around.”

Now I had some time to kill!  I decided to visit the vendor booths.  My first stop was Modern Textiles.  They had a “make and take” project called “the rope bowl”.  This was going to be my first project.  Guess what, it uses a ZIGZAG stitch!!  I now know one application for the zigzag stitch! Baby steps!

I sat down with the guidance of Connie, and off I went.  I soon realized there are so many creative OPTIONS of what to do….the women next to me did a bunch of decorative stitches.  Another women did a different color bobbin thread and top thread.  I decided to wrap parts of my bowl in fabric.  I can feel the hook getting set a little deeper into the sewing world.


Next I venture to Quilted Lady Bug and decide to make the easiest project I see.  The “Autumn Dresden Potholder”.  Easy breezy.  Sew all the piece together, I can do that.  AND I did do that.  The lovely women helping me said, “Thats it, you did it!  Now you can take it home and finish it with binding.”  “BINDING???”” I say.

I think her eyes were are wide as saucers, but she kept her cool and said, “Oh, honey, you don’t know what binding is???” “No.” I say.  “Have a seat dear,” she says.

She then proceeds to take out a HAND NEEDLE.  Now my eyes are as wide as saucers.  I am thinking, “Can’t I machine sew this stuff??”  But I listen as she shows me how to stitch the binding into place.  I now HATE binding.  It hurst my fingers and the needle is so tiny and it take FOREVER! Did I mention I am not super patient person?  Plus mine does NOT look like hers.  AT ALL.


However, I did it.  Hand binding and all.  Granted it is only 9″x9″ but my second project is done!  It was almost hook, line and sinker….until it came to binding.  I have heard rumors that this can actually be done by MACHINE.  I will have to explore more!

Next week….my attempt at sewing pillows.