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Friday Night Lights.

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Friday Night Lights.

Posted by Blog 29 October, 2017 Comments off

My daughter says to me, “I want to go trick or treating.”  I respond with, “You are 5’7″ and 14 years old.  You are too old to go trick or treating.”  She tells me “BUT, I want to make a costume together!”

She is lying, of course.  I know this.  I know what she means is…together=mostly MOM.  I also know that the only reason she says this is because she is very smart and knows this is the way to my heart.  She really just wants candy, BUT I take the bait anyway because when your daughter is 14 and going on 22 you take what you can get.

I (meaning WE) decide on a spider.  I (again, meaning WE) found a cute skirt on Pinterest.  I have all the supplies I need, this is costing me nothing but my (our) time.  I start by cutting a hole in white fabric and then draw on the spider web using my embroidery hoops.

I decide to use my favorite Bernina foot.  The couching foot!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  You can take thicker yarn or cording and sew it right onto the fabric.  SUPER EASY!  I trace my lines with my yarn/couching foot and it works awesome.

Remember not to run over the tail of the yarn on the back side.  I was very focused on following the lines, I wasn’t paying attention to where my yarn was on the back and ran right over it.  A few times. Whoops.

Once my lines were complete, I added a few spiders for fun.  🙂

This is the point where Peyton actually starts to help.  It’s Friday night.  She and her friend, Ava, decide that they would rather hang out with us moms and finish their costumes than go to the football game!!!  WHAT!!??  I WILL definitely say yes to that!  PLUS, just because we are at home sewing doesn’t mean that we (moms) can’t crack a bottle of wine!  I am totally winning here.  My friends, my daughter, sewing, wine and I can hang out in my sweats!

Peyton did come up with the spider web arm shirt.  That was her (one) contribution.  The idea was hers, BUT the actual creating fell to me.  She did sew one seam, half way.  Other than that, both girls were more interested in what their make up was going to look like.

In the end, the make up AND the costumes turned out great.  The wine and together time was even better.



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