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Halloween & Things

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Halloween & Things

Posted by Blog 23 October, 2016 2 Comments
It’s Halloween time!! Why not create Halloween things!?  EASY Halloween things. My first stop is Quilted Ladybug in the Moorhead Center Mall.  I am looking for inspiration.  Things that I can do.  This is what I find. img_4396 A cute Halloween Themed banner.  It looks like all I have to do is cut it out and sew it together.  No problem. Except I am a sewing idiot. img_4493 Sew RIGHT SIDES together!!  Not only did I make this mistake once, but twice! Seriously, what is my problem? However, once that was fixed (thanks Harry!), it was an easy project.  Even for me. Next stop, Modern Textiles to get fun fabric to sew a trick or treat bag. The lovely Roxanne helped me decide on colors and also gave me a few pointers. img_4398 I bought my fabric, and home I went feeling inspired and ready.  The making of the outsides of my bag went really well!  I even decide to JAZZ it up by adding an appliqué candy corn (with stabilizer!!). img_4402 Next, sew the front and back together. Done.  Guess what… img_4405 I did NOT sew RIGHT SIDES together again! (No, I am NOT drinking wine at this point).  Harry, the seam ripper, comes to my rescue.  I have created the outside of my bag, now it is time for the lining. Guess what…. img_4408 I AGAIN did not sew the RIGHT SIDES together!! (I am now drinking wine). Clearly this is a concept that is going to take me a while.  The thing is, all the time I am sewing this, I am telling myself “right sides together, right sides together!” To which I sew wrong sides together.  Harry is tickled with delight that he gets to come out and play once again.  Seam rip, seam rip, seam rip….I think Harry is sabotaging me. fullsizerender-11 Here is a photo of all my lovely Halloween & Things creations.  A little blurry filter and some fun staging and they ALMOST look good.  I have taken all these projects to the store for your viewing pleasure.  Remember, do NOT look at the backside of ANYTHING, and maybe admire them from a 10 foot distance. Cheers! Andrea Next week’s blog will be coming out early (Thursday)…BECAUSE I need your advice!  

2 Comments so far:

  1. I want to share this on FB because you are hysterically funny. Have your web dudes put in social media share buttons… or just email me and tell me where they are since I am sure they are on this page in some super obvious spot and everyone can see them but me. 😉

    • web dudes…i have those! they are all cute too…which is helpful since most of the time i’m so frustrated with “webstuff” i want to poke needles in my eyes! then i think, “if i poke needles in my eyes, then i can not look at my cute web dudes. so i will keep my eyes and try to find out about social media share buttons. love you!!