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It worked!!

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It worked!!

Posted by Blog 20 November, 2016 2 Comments
I can NOT believe it!! I actually completed a project that worked!!  I thought about not writing a blog about it, BUT I got my fancy new machine so I had too! I wanted a project that I could try out all those fun quilting stitches that come on my new Skyline, BUT I wasn’t feeling as though I was ready to actually make a quilt. I went to google and found this $8 Quilted Pod pattern from Craftsy.  I thought PERFECT.  I can quilt without having to actually make a quilt!  BINGO.   I got my fun fabrics and away I went. fabrics-pods This pattern was VERY easy to follow.  TRULY.  It looked very strange to me at first, but if you read it carefully it’s a breeze. This “reading directions” is a new concept to me.  READ DIRECTIONS!  What??  I usually pass on directions.  I think I can just look at something and figure it out.  Nope, at least not YET.   I am still learning how to put in a zipper and how to put on sleeves.  I am HOPING that once I learn the basics, I will not have to follow directions.   Let me live in this happy place, if not only for a little while.   Once I assembled my little pods, I got to quilt them. I used a different stitch for each one,  BECAUSE I could! It is not necessary, but it was fun! My favorite one is the stitch that looks like a tree branch.  I am sure it has an official name, but to me it is the “tree branch” stitch. quilt-stitching-pods-blog There is some hand stitching that needs to be done.  Which, you know, I am not fond of.  I always poke my finger!  ALWAYS.  I have yet to hand stitch anything without drawing blood.  What is my problem?  Is this common among all those who hand stitch??  Wait, don’t answer that.   Anyway, my project is complete.  5 little pods!  I even made a cute arrow one for my daughter.  She hangs it in her locker at school for all her “stuff”.  I don’t ask what kind of stuff.  But I assume it’s candy!  Being as she is in 7th grade, I am OKAY with candy.   pods-blog-3 Cheers!   Andrea   P.S. If you end up making your own pods, please share!!  #blowssewandvac on Instagram and on our FB page!  I would love to see what other pods look like.  Maybe I followed the directions all wrong and these are not actually what they are supposed to look like!!      

2 Comments so far:

  1. Andrea!!!! You’ve inspired me to get out the brand new sewing machine I received as a give three years ago!!!! I FINALLY got my craft room back and my machine now has a place front and center!!! Now, my projects aren’t going to be as impressive as yours, but…. I’m going to give it a go (after I watch the “how to sew” video that came with my machine) ?

  2. Those would be AWESOME Christmas presents!!! Is that enough of a hint?