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Janome Serger

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A Janome serger is a perfect complement to any avid sewer or crafter’s collection of tools. Along with stitching pieces of fabric together like a regular sewing machine, the serger has many additional benefits for its user:
  • Make repairs to damaged clothing.
  • Hem clothing and other material.
  • Finish seams in clothing and other items.
  • Create decorative patterns in materials.
  • Cut fabric during the sewing process.
  • Finish the edge of any sewn piece to prevent it from fraying.
As a leading brand in sergers, Janome machines are known for their durability, quiet operation and simple threading process. Janome carries several models that possess all of the features that a high quality serger should have, but with variations that appeal to the needs of different users:

Janome 1100D

Offering dependable and predictable results with every use, the Janome 1100D takes most of the guess work out of using a serger. The machine features automatic tension adjustment that changes with each one of the ten preset stich patterns. A built-in Stitch Information Display Panel lets you see exactly what type of stitch to expect from your serger as well as instructions for the necessary settings. The serger also has a Flip Needle System for fast and easy threading, a pattern selection dial and options for 2, 3 or 4 thread stitching.


Janome 1100DX

With a differential feed system featuring two feed dogs, the Janome 1100DX eliminates common serging issues like stretched and puckered edges on various fabrics. Move easily from 2 to 3 or 4 thread serging and take advantage of the rolled hem conversion capabilities of this machine to make completing projects faster and easier. The Janome serger’s maximum speed of 1,300 SPM and its adjustable foot pressure makes quick and controlled work of any sewing project.


Janome 204D

As one of Janome’s most compact and affordable serger models, the 204D offers a wide variety of features in a small package. Design to create 3 or 4 thread stitches, the Janome 204D has lay in tension dials, the ability to adjust stitch length and an adjustable cutting width. The machine also comes with color coded threading guides and an easy access lower looper that makes threading and using the machine fast and simple.


Janome 8002D

Made primarily for finishing seams quickly and easily, the Janome 8002D is a simple machine that produces professional grade results at a fraction of the cost of other Janome sergers. Featuring color coded tension dials and 3 or 4 thread conversion, the 8002D is very easy to thread. It also comes with a rolled hem adjusting device that makes switching the function of the serger a simple and fast process.


Janome 900CPX

As a dedicated coverstitch machine, the Janome 900CPX is surprisingly versatile. Along with having a free arm and extra wide bed space, the serger also has a Seam Tightening System and 1 or 2 needle function to produce tight, flat and firm stitches in any type of fabric. A prominently mounted quick reference chart also makes the process of choosing a stitching pattern and adjusting the settings fast and virtually effortless.


Janome CPX 1000

Create professional-looking cover hem stitching with the Janome 1000 CPX machine. With a top sewing speed of 1000 SPM and 1, 2 or 3 needle stitching, the serger offers the look and feel of a sewing machine with the ability to create perfect coverstitches quickly and easily. The built-in Seam Tightening System and tension release device ensure tight and flat stitches every time.


Janome Magnolia 7034D

Ideal for the sewer or crafter who wants professional results with a compact and affordable machine. The Janome Magnolia 7034D offers speed and multiple stitch patterns with a wide variety of helpful features. The machine has color coded thread guides, a quick rolled hem adjustment feature, an upper knife that retracts easily and snap on presser feet for fast adjustments.


Janome Mylock 634D

Serging is fast and simple with the Mylock 634D that features 2, 3 or 4 thread overlock stitching with 2 needles. Give clothing and other projects a professional finish with a differential feed ratio of 0.5 to 2.25 and an adjustable cutting width of 3.1mm to 7.3mm. The machine also has a convenient waste chip box that makes cleanup a breeze.

  Sergers offer a quick and simple way to finish sewing projects professionally and add interesting design elements to any piece. Buying a Janome serger means having a high-quality, dependable and durable machine that gives you the versatility and speed to stich, embellish and finish a wide variety of fabrics.