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My Late Friend Sarah.

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My Late Friend Sarah.

Posted by Blog 5 November, 2017 Comments off

Meet my dear friend, Sarah.

Sarah is crazy smart, funny, adorable, and a LATE person.  I am sure you have one too.  I am blessed to have TWO late people in my tribe.

I woke up on Tuesday (Halloween) with a text from Sarah that reads…

I am thinking, “Cloaks for a Christmas play?  It can NOT possibly be for Halloween, because Halloween is TODAY and trick or treating starts in 6 hours”.

Of course I know the answer to this:  Sarah is a LATE person.

She replies with…

I decide to step in when I hear the word “duck tape”.

I was going to get my oil changed in my car but, my late friend Sarah needs my help.  Plus, getting my oil changed is not fun.

“Fabric Store opens at 9.  Get your supplies and head over.  I will help you make your cloaks.”

Then I get this text.

My friend Sarah is funny.  One of the many reasons we stay friends, even though she is a late person.

She gets to my house very quickly.  You see, Sarah has to drive (speed) everywhere she goes because she is never on time.  I know this because I have had to follow her before.  Her little mini van goes very fast.  She gets mad at all the drivers in town that are driving the speed limit.  I know this because I have also been a passenger in her mini van.  Sarah thinks speed limit drivers are annoying and are making her late.

Once she arrives we get to work.  My friend, Shannon, joins us because she wants to watch us as her morning entertainment.  Plus, she is avoiding the gym.  It works out because Shannon is the size of an 11 year old boy and serves as our model.

We cut, measure, sew, fuse and magically the Three Musketeer cloaks are complete.

Project is done and Sarah is on her way to pick up her youngest daughter ON TIME from daycare. Except…

Sarah FORGOT her cloaks and had to come back and grab them.  Now she will be speeding in her mini van to daycare.  I hope no speed limit drivers get into her way!

Hope you all had as much fun on your Halloween as we did!  I will leave you with a quote from my friend Sarah, “If you are on time,  you are wasting your life away waiting”.



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