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Live & Learn

Posted by Blog 12 February, 2017 No Comments

I took my first class, “Intro to Garment Sewing” a few weeks ago with Jean Sando at Modern Textiles.  You want to know what I learned?  I learned I should have taken a class 6 months ago, before I started to sew garments. Below is a picture of Jean and I.

She had the perfect mix of humor and knowledge.  I like humor.  Humor makes even the most annoying experience fun.  That is why I married my husband.  He is annoying but funny, so I keep him.

Anyway, Jean said that when starting your garment sewing journey, you should start with a nice cotton woven fabric.  You should stay away from things like plaid or knit.

My first project…plaid.

My second project, also plaid.

My third project…KNIT!

Seriously, I am not making this up.  No cotton woven fabric for me.  Why?  Because no one told me! Now I know!  I have spent many hours ripping and starting over.  “It’s called ripping not picking, ladies.” Jean says.  I am pretty sure I am a picker, but that is a discussion for another day.

Apparently, you should not start with plaid because it is hard to line up the pattern on the seams.  I agree, this is a very hard thing to do.  That is why I do not do it.

The thing is, I DO NOT CARE.  Is this because I am just beginning, and have so many other things to worry about?  Will I care once I get better at sewing?  It seems anyone over the age of 50 cares about matched plaids.  My mother-in-law cares, Kerry cares, Jean cares.  “It’s the difference between a well-made garment and a crappy one.”  I get that…kind of.  All of my friends couldn’t care less, I couldn’t care less.  I am curious about your thoughts.  Please leave your comments below. I truly would love to know.

Knits are hard because they are “rolly”.  If you read my blog last week, you know my struggle! I will completely agree that knits are not the easiest of fabrics.  However, they are stretchy.  I love stretchy.  It’s worth the effort in the end!

My take away from this lecture, was that I need to take a class!  I signed up for the “Garment Sew In” class on February 23rd from 6-9pm.  I’d love it if anyone would like to join me!

My goal is to figure out my actual size.  Darren did take my measurements, but we had wine, and I am pretty sure he made my bust a few sizes bigger in hopes it would be true.  I will need to re-check.

Jean says that very few people are one size.  Most people are in-between sizes.  I have been choosing the size that is closest to my measurements and hoping for the best.  So far, I have had to alter everything I have made.  I would love to not do that! I am putting a lot of pressure on you, Jean!  HELP ME!

Long story short, TAKE A CLASS.  I think this would have been a smart thing to do.  LIVE & LEARN!