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To Love or Hate Knits

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To Love or Hate Knits

Posted by Blog 5 February, 2017 No Comments

I love knits.  I love the feel of them and how they stretch.  I just had to sew something with knit.  I needed a pattern that didn’t have zippers, buttons, pleats, gathers, or anything funky.  Straight stitch only pattern.  I found this Grainline Studio pattern at Modern Textiles.  It said right on the package, beginner.  BINGO.  We have a winner!

This is my second garment, so I was not so taken aback by all the LINES.  The first time I unfolded a pattern and saw all the markings and sizing lines, I almost packed up shop.  Honestly, I probably WOULD have, had it not been for this blog!!

I really like Grainline Patterns.  They really truly are easy to read.  As for most things in life, not all are created equal.  This pattern says beginner, and it means it.  Pretty straight forward.  I did not have any trouble following it.

What I did not know about knits, is that they are very ROLLY (I am not totally sure that “rolly” is an actual word, BUT it is for this blog)!  The edges curl up on you.  ALL THE TIME.

If you are unclear what “rolly” means, it means annoying, because it is very difficult to keep the edges flat. Even cutting it is an issue.  My solution to the “rolly” issue was, one million pins per inch of fabric!  It was the only way.

I also discovered that what I loved about knit, the stretch, I also now hate. The directions on the pattern called for a zig zag stitch.  I can do that.  I even know what button that is on my machine. I discovered that knowing what a zig zag stitch is and sewing one, are two different beasts.

I mean what is that?  It’s the stretch factor.  I pull a teensy bit too hard and this is what I get.  I admit, my first attempt was not good.  I will rip and try again.  Only because I am a blogger now.  The garbage can is where I would be putting it, had it not been for my 44 blog subscribers that are counting on me!  I will persevere!

Second attempt, was not as bad, but still not awesome.  Why can I not sew straight?  Sigh.

Maybe I need to use the serger instead?  Yes!  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  I actually know why, because it did not say in the pattern directions, “use serger now”.

I did run this by Kerry.  She said, “Yes, this is a perfect project for a serger.  Just be careful when you are attaching the collar that you do not pull the collar fabric.”   Okay, whatever that means.

I serged the collar on. OHHHHH… now I get it. If you pull the fabric too aggressively, this will happen.  I. Want. To. Shoot. Myself.

Now what?  How do I fix this?  I have no collar.  Just a skinny piece of strange serger thread/collar thing happening.  I do not even know how this has happened.

My solution is to cut the whole thing off. I make a much wider collar and try again.  I really look better in wide boat neck shirts anyway.  Who likes those narrow crew necks?  They are overrated.

My stretchy, “rolly” knit, boat neck, Linden Sweatshirt is complete.  I like it and wear it all the time.  I have washed it many times and it has not fallen apart!  SUCCESS!