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My friend “Harry”

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My friend “Harry”

Posted by Blog 16 October, 2016 1 Comment
Have you ever had a friend you can not live without? I do. His name is Harry. We have a love hate relationship. I HATE when I have to rely on him, but I LOVE that he is there when I need him. Meet “Harry”…or otherwise known as seam ripper. seamripper He has been my partner over the last few weeks. I feel like this may just be the beginning of our relationship. He GETS me… This week I have decided to try to sew envelope pillows. Seems easy enough. The first pillow I did WAS easy. I sewed some scraps together (Halloween themed) and boom, done.  Harry didn’t even have to come and save me! img_4501I then thought I should up my skill set by trying to appliqué on a pumpkin.  How hard can that be?  Well, since I have never done appliqué before there were a few details that I missed. Like STABILIZER.  If you do not add stabilizer, your fabric puckers. I also choose not to listen to Darren (my husband, who works on sewing machines for MANY, MANY hours a day). I mean, REALLY, what does he know…Nothing.  I don’t want to take ANY of his advice. Ever. When he told me to not “push” the fabric through, I decided to ignore him and push the fabric through because I am in a hurry!  The result was this… img_4510Uneven lines…Not to mention, I may have also “played around” with the tension.  If anyone asks, I will say to them I was intentionally going for a Frankenstein theme. I only had cut away stabilizer for my pumpkin.  I can tell you that when cutting away the stabilizer you should ONLY cut the stabilizer, and not the threads.  Next time I will use TEAR away stabilizer.img_4508 Lastly, you should take into account the puffiness of your pillow.  I did not, and this is what happened…a wide open backside. In true Andrea fashion, I think, “Well, it’s the BACKSIDE, no-one will notice. I do not need to ask Harry to come bail me out! I left the gaping hole and called it a day! img_4509 Next week….More fun with Halloween projects!  Fun might NOT be how I felt about them at the time, but now I feel as though I learned something.  AND that is fun, right??!! Remember, if you like these posts you can subscribe to the BLOG NEWSLETTER by clicking here. Cheers! ; Andrea

One Comment so far:

  1. Ahhhh, I love this!

    I have had a desire to sew for many years, but I’ve been slightly afraid of my machine for about the same amount of time.

    I have to watch the DVD every time I need to thread the bobbin, so needless to say, I have a lot of half-finished projects laying around my house. *sigh*

    At any rate, I wish you luck!
    I’ll be following along, excited to see a seamstress in the making!