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New Things Suck.

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New Things Suck.

Posted by Blog 25 June, 2017 No Comments

Every time I come into my sewing room, I learn something new.  I am serious. Every time. I’ve been on the fast track with sewing, quilting, machine knowledge, pattern reading, and dealing with Darren knowing everything.

Its been a LOVE/HATE relationship.  I can honestly say that when I try something new, I hate it.  To the point I want to quit.  I have only made one project that I threw in the garbage, but I have wanted to throw all of them in the garbage at some point.  I have not had a perfect project yet.  Not one.

On top of learning about seam allowance, PDF pattern printing, and the 8 millions kinds of threads, I also have been learning about machines.  Since I started 9 months ago, I have had 4 Janome machines, a cover stitch, 2 sergers, and 2 Berninas. They are not the same.  They thread differently, have different gadgets, and sound different.  Different, different, different.  Don’t get me started on winding a bobbin! Here is an example of what I am taking about.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, STUPID BERNINA!! I have threaded and re-threaded and threaded again!  The bobbin IS in there the correct way!  I HATE you, Bernina.  I want my Janome back.  This is my internal dialogue, which apparently wasn’t so internal because my daughter came running into the sewing room, “Mom, whats wrong? Are you okay?”   Me, “Just a bobbin issue, on the dumb machine that does not work and I am pretty sure it’s Dad’s fault!”

Then I see this.

Whoops.  I may have left the bobbin case open.  Sorry, Bernina.  I MEAN, I love you.  You sew through everything like a dream.  Even layers of leather. There isn’t a problem you can not solve.  Your presser feet are amazing. Plus, you are just plain pretty.

My point is, trying new things is frustrating. I have wanted to quit so many times.  My good friend Sarah tells me, “Anything that is worth anything, takes work.”

She is right.  I actually love sewing.  I find that usually my machines are not at fault, but I am.  I find that even though I am at fault, I am still mad at Darren.  The circle of life.  I try not to blame him, but he sells sewing machines.  If something goes wrong, it only makes perfect sense it’s his fault.  It has NOTHING to do with the fact I ran over a pin with my serger.  It got caught in the threads and I tried to pull it out with my teeth and a tool used for fishing.

It’s all part of the process of learning.  All these mistakes make my next creation that much better.   Too bad for Darren, he is stuck in the middle during my serious learning curve:)