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Ode to Kaye.

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Ode to Kaye.

Posted by Blog 1 October, 2017 Comments off

We had The Quilt Exhibit a few weeks ago.  Our featured speaker was Kaye England.  Never heard of her?  Me neither, but I am just stepping my toes into the quilting world.  I just figured she was some old lady quilter. 😉

Kaye was scheduled to give a trunk show lecture on Friday night from 7-9pm. Trunk shows are when quilters bring in some of their quilts and talk about them.  YIPEE!  Just what I wanted to do on a Friday night.  Listen to some old lady talk about quilts for 2 hours.  SNOOZE FEST.

We had also enlisted Joe & Zane (they are young) to come and help work the event.  I can only imagine what they thought when asked to work a quilt event on a Friday night.  Probably along the same lines as me!

Anyway, Kaye is scheduled to start talking around 7.  She shows up and she tells us to just pick quilts out of her suitcase and she will start talking about them.  She says, “I don’t have a plan so just pick whatever you want and I will go with it.”  Oh no.  This is going to be a disaster.  No PLAN????  We have 120 people here!  I am getting nervous.

She steps in front of the room and starts talking.  She is mesmerizing.  She is HILARIOUS.  Honestly, truly, super DUPER funny.  I was laughing so hard at one point I had tears in my eyes.  My job was to capture photos and videos of her, but I was so involved in what she was saying I forgot.  I only got this one little clip of her.


This is just one of the many stories she told.  Two hours went by like 5 minutes!  I have been to tons of stand-up comedy shows and I laughed more with Kaye!  Boy, she can work a crowd!  I had the hottest tickets in town, who knew!  I looked back at the boys we dragged to the show and they were equally laughing.  Zane, who is 21 said, “She is like Larry the Cable Guy of Quilting.”

It was such a fun night.  REALLY fun night.  Here are a few pictures I took of the evening.  Just a few because I was too in the moment to care about social media.  I wish I personally would have gotten a photo with her, but something tells me we’ll cross paths again.




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