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Oh Quilting.

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Oh Quilting.

Posted by Blog 22 January, 2017 No Comments


I have respect for those of you that quilt.  It takes time, patience and precise measuring. All qualities I do not have.  Really, I have NONE of those things. That is why I wanted to start with a quilt that didn’t require me to be precise.

I started with this…

The pattern had me make quilt blocks any way I wanted.  I just needed to have 19 of them.  I had to sew them all together and lay the template of the deer on top and cut it out. I had not one problem with this.  I am feeling successful!

Next I layered my batting and back fabric.  I went into the store to have Kerry give me a little tutorial on free motion quilting. See video below.  Before you actually watch the video, you should know this was our first attempt at shooting any kind of video.  We are not actors.

It may also be clear that I didn’t have any sort of plan.  I am talking about a quilt pattern, not my life. My life has a clear direction.  I think.  Maybe not.  ANYWAY, here you go:

What you didn’t see on the video is this:

A) My “free motion” pattern looks like a toddler did it.

Susan tries to comfort me by telling me that this is called “scribble” work.  “You did great!” she says.  “Scribble” work translates to, “work that looks like its been done by a child under the age of 3”. I am 41.  This is not comforting.

B) This is the part that really hurt.

See that face Kerry is making??  That is a face that says “I am sorry.  This really sucks, and there is no easy answer for you.”

My back fabric flipped over and I “scribble” stitched all over it!  Thousands of stitches I need to rip out.  Harry (my seam ripper) is a happy man. I am not happy.  I want to cry.  I had to step away at this point.  I can not look at my quilt anymore.  My success of a project just took a serious bad turn.  I hear the words “Shoot Me” running on a loop in my brain.

This is when Kerry tells me “That is why I usually do a basting stitch all around the edges of my quilt before I quilt it.” REALLY??!! You are telling me this NOW?  I hate you.  Not really, but in the moment I was not thinking happy thoughts.

I was at the store when this happened.  There were customers there.  I had to play it cool with the choice of words that came out of my mouth.  I said, “I am NOT ripping that out.  I am just going to cover it all up with flannel.”  One of the sweet customers said, “Oh you do not want to do that. (yes I do).  It will be worth the effort to rip it out (no it won’t).  You simply can’t.”

If you were a betting man, what would you bet?  Did I rip or did I cover with flannel?

If you have read my blog or know me personally, this was a no-brainer.  I now have a extraordinarily heavy, flannel backed, deer head quilt.  It is hanging at the store for you all to admire:)



PS.  If you like to watch me make an idiot of my self on video, subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Yes, we have a YouTube channel.  They let anyone post things!!  YouTube could use better screening but until they kick us off we will be posting!!