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To PDF or Not to PDF

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To PDF or Not to PDF

Posted by Blog 21 May, 2017 Comments off

I made a garment out of my first PDF pattern.  I tried this the very first month I got into sewing.  I LOVE when I can get something instantly.  Just pay and download.  This sounds like something I would really like.  But…..there are over 100 pages.  I do exaggerate sometimes, but this is not an exaggeration. You print out 100 pages (IF I have INK and paper), then you tape them all together.  This was too much for me to take in as my first pattern back in September.  I scrapped the idea completely, until now.  I found this amazing double gauze fabric at Modern Textiles, and I knew exactly the shirt I wanted to make.  The Cheyenne Tunic by Hey Jude.  The only way to get it– 100 pages of a downloadable PDF file.

One trick I learned when taping PDF patterns is that you cut the top margin and the left margin, leave the others, then tape. I am good at puzzles so this was fairly easy for me.

I cut out my pattern pieces & fabric and started to sew.  All went smoothly, except one small error when cutting out my neck facing.  These are supposed to match. This is why I always buy a little extra fabric.

Besides that all went smoothly.  Then, I started to read the pattern. First thing you must ALWAYS do when sewing a new pattern, READ them.  Do NOT just look at the pictures.  If you also want an A+ in pattern reading you should read directions all the way through BEFORE sewing.  If you follow this simple advice you will avoid things like this.  Apparently, I decided NOT to read the bold print.  Why would you read the bold print?  Bold print is stupid.

I move on to the neck facing.  This is a tricky part of the pattern.  At least for me.  Nothing was matching up and there were ripples all over.  The pattern says something about, “when working with curved edges use a tailors ham”.  Awesome, I will use the “tailors ham” technique to go around all those curved edges.  I just need to know how to do it! I google it.

What the heck is that?? Not a technique, that is for sure.  How is this helpful??  I am sure I will find out at some point in my life but, today is not that day. Now, I am just annoyed with the tailors ham.

There WILL be ripples, (yup, I have those).

Align edges, (check).

Eliminate ripples as you sew, (liars)!

I ripped it out and tried again. (Which is unlike me, but I felt it would be better.) I may have over done it with the pins, BUT I wanted to make sure the edges were aligned.

Still ripples.  I concede.  Ripple is the new flat. I am starting trends here people.

Moving onto buttons.  Scary!  Turns out not so scary.

Buttons and button holes can all be done on the machine!  I started to pull out my needle and thread to sew on my buttons, but Darren informed me there is a better way.  He was right.  (Don’t repeat that last sentence.)

Then a surprise happened when I added the cuffs to the sleeves.

My patterns MATCHED.  Eeeeekkkkkk….I’m so excited.  But then….

The other sleeve, not so much.  You win some and you lose some.  Either way, project is complete!  I am still on the fence about PDF patterns.  I posted my Cheyenne Tunic on Instagram and the creator of this pattern told me it is now available in paper. You lucky ducks!



P.S. Did you notice that the pattern on my front plackets match???  That was not by accident:)

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