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Bernina Button Sew-On Foot #18


  • For sewing on buttons and hooks


  • For sewing on buttons and hooks
  • The rubberized sole holds the button firmly in place
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines
Button Sew-On Foot #18 is an all-rounder for sewing on buttons, snap fasteners and eyelets. Its non-slip sole holds the button securely in place while it is sewn on. In addition, Button Sew-On Foot #18 has an adjustable middle toe,  allowing you to vary the height of the thread shank according to fabric thickness. The middle toe can be flipped up and away when not in use. In addition to buttons and closures, Button Sew-On Foot #18 allows you to attach decorative embellishments such as sequins or bows.


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