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The Miele Delphi vacuum cleaner is world renowned for its high quality and performance. It’s unmatched cleaning power, versatility, agile and lightweight body are what makes this S2 series vacuum popular with homeowners.

The vacuum transitions seamlessly from room to room in your home, tackling multiple surface types such as tile, hardwood, deep-pile carpet, fabric upholstery and even plush rugs.

The Miele Delphi takes the hard work out of housework and makes cleaning fast and efficient while also being easy on the back and shoulders.

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What else will you love about this upright vacuum?
  • Multiple Power Settings – The versatile power settings make the Miele Delphi vacuum extremely adaptable for every kind of cleaning application. With a prominent rotary dial that moves through six levels of power, the Miele Delphi quickly adjusts to clean any type of surface with the precise amount of power and suction needed. Use lower settings for delicate cleaning jobs like curtains and carpet fringe and use maximum settings for extra-plush carpeting.
  • 1200 Watt Vortex Motor – A powerful 1200 watt motor makes the Miele Delphi a serious suction machine that is robust enough to tackle even the most demanding cleaning jobs. Remove years of set-in dust, dirt, debris and layers of shed pet hair from deep inside thick carpet fibers without breaking a sweat. The unique design of the vortex motor creates incredible suction that stays at optimal levels over time so your vacuum works like it did the first time, every time. The motor is also whisper quiet which means you can vacuum without any major noise disruption.
  • Filter Bag Change Indicator – Never go through the frustration of not knowing when to change your vacuum filter bag again. The Miele Delphi S2121 features a convenient filter bag change indicator that lets you know exactly when your filter bag needs to be replaced with a new one. This ensures that your vacuum maintains its proper suction levels, your home gets immaculately clean and your indoor air quality remains optimal.
  • Auto-Seal Closing Filter Bags – Trap dust, dirt, allergens and other debris picked up by the Miele Delphi with its high quality filter bag that automatically autoseals upon removal. This filter bag traps 99.9% unhealthy particles that can escape into the atmosphere and ruin the quality of your indoor air. The filterbags are also very easy to change and clip in and out of place without too much effort.
  • Motor Protection Function – The Miele Delphi is self-preserving with an automatic motor protection function that shuts the machine off if it becomes clogged, if the bag is full and needs changing or if the vacuum overheats during operation. This protects the vacuum cleaner from becoming damaged while preserving the integrity of its motor, belts and other moving parts.
  • Lightweight Design – The design of the Miele Delphi vacuum incorporates durable plastic and thin stainless steel wands so that the overall weight of the machine is easy to move from room to room. Coming in at just under 13 pounds, the compact vacuum rolls along easily and is perfect for moving up and down staircases while vacuuming.
  • Versatile Accessories – The Miele Delphi vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of convenient and ergonomic onboard accessories which include a dusting brush, VarioClip with crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, turbo comfort turbobrush and a parquet floor tool. The machine also comes with a telescopic, stainless steel wand that makes reaching high and deep areas of your home an almost effortless experience.
  • Electro Comfort Electrobrush – The wide design of the electro comfort electrobush included with the Miele Delphi vacuum cleaner works well for cleaning several different surface types, but especially well for low to medium pile carpet surfaces. With a built in beater bar featuring long and durable bristles and a swiveling neck, the electrobrush makes cleaning deep seated dust, hair and other particles out of your home a much simpler chore.
The rotating action of the electrobrush also fluffs and separates compacted carpet fibers, which makes your flooring look fresh and beautiful after each cleaning. Whether it is a lightweight or heavy duty cleaning job, the Miele Delphi is a quality vacuum for homeowners who want to keep their surroundings immaculately clean. The lightweight design, long power cord, 29.5 foot cleaning radius, filtration systems, swiveling attachments and exceptional maneuverability of the Miele Delphi make this vacuum the perfect cleaning companion. The 7 year warranty that the vacuum comes with ensures that you enjoy a high quality vacuuming experience from a machine that’s built to last for years to come.


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