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Posted by Blog 22 October, 2017 Comments off

Last week was not my week.  A few things….


My blog did not go out as planned last week.  It was not because I didn’t write it.  I did,  WEEKS ahead of time.  It didn’t go out on time because our store credit card was stolen.  We had our store credit card attached to our Facebook page to run ads and so forth.  Someone hacked the system and stole the number.  We had to cancel the card.  The card is attached to millions of things, like our email program.  I had everything back dated to send out ON TIME and then the card was declined and none of my emails went out.


I updated my iPhone to the newest operating system.  It made everything look like this:

Unless apple is introducing the new “make everything blurry” feature, something is very wrong.


My Facebook Page (for business) is no longer allowing me to log in.  I can no longer post, edit, or track ANYTHING.  I tried everything.  Changed password, restarted my phone, up dated my settings, reloaded Facebook, etc… Still nothing.


I wrote this blog you are reading using Safari.  I default to Safari as my search engine because that is what I have always used.  My tech guys tell me ALL THE TIME to use Chrome.  I am a creature of habit, I use Safari.  Safari has outdated ADOBE FLASH.  Anytime I go to a website (like the one I use to resize all my pictures for the blog) it tells me to update my flash.  I click on the “update my flash” button.  Guess what?  It’s a scam!  My computer is now infected with some “malware”.  I can not do a thing on my computer.  It is full of pop-up ads.


Our Instagram was also hacked and someone is posting things like this.

Do not worry, Blow’s has not gotten into the European running shoe market.  The sad thing is this post got close to 1,000 likes.  My posts get 15 likes on a good day.

At this point I want to move to the country and raise puppies.  Really, this is all I want in life. And to sew.  That is not a lie.  I love to sew.  BUT, I can NOT because I am dealing with all this technology BS!  (BS is an abbreviation for a not nice word.)

I hear myself saying things like, “Kids these days with their snapchat, instagram, youtube…back in my day we actually played outside with other HUMAN kids!?”  or “I don’t know what jobs there will be for our kids because technology is taking over the world and I hate it.”

It it then I have to remember the things my parents used to say.  “A CELL PHONE? Are you crazy?  No one needs a cell phone.”  Or my grandparents, “Wow, must be nice to have a COLOR tv WITH a remote.”

The world is changing.  It has always been changing.  Sometimes I think that it is changing FASTER than ever before, but is it?  I do not have the answer but, I do know that it isn’t going to go backwards.  Technology is here to stay.  I forge through, find a solution to my computer virus, write this blog, enter in my new credit card number so that you will receive it.  Get REALLY good glasses to read my cell phone.  I am still working on my Facebook issue…

I realize this blog doesn’t have anything to do with sewing EXCEPT lately it has been my sanity.  A way to stop focusing on all the “wrong” and occupy my mind with something that is satisfying.  It’s my way of getting back to the “simple” world.  Of course my “simple world” sewing machine has a computer the size of my head, I KNOW….but let me pretend:)



P.S.  I am still going to move to the country to raise puppies, someday….

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