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Riccar Vacuum Bags

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Depending on the model, owning a Riccar vacuum typically means going through tens or hundreds of vacuum bags over the lifetime of the machine. High quality vacuum bags trap and hold dirt, dust and other debris picked up by your vacuum and reduces the number of allergens circulating indoors to keep air quality as high as possible.

Riccar carries a wide variety of vacuum bags designed to work with their various vacuum models. No matter which one you have, there is a vacuum bag that will work perfectly to keep your living space clean and to make the bag changing process hassle free.

Each type of Riccar vacuum bag comes in convenient 6 and/or 12 pack bundles.

Brilliance Hepa Media Vacuum Bags

R30, R30P & R30ET

Made with thicker material and designed to compress debris. Features self-sealing technology to keep dust locked away.

Prima Canister Hepa Media Bags

Vacuum Bags

Easy to install with self-sealing closure system that makes changing the bag a clean and seamless process.

Radiance R40 Series Hepa Media Bags

Vacuum Bags

HEPA filtration at very high levels and yellow a self-sealing system that keeps micro particles out of indoor air and sealed securely inside the bag.

Riccar 8000 Series Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed for optimal airflow and to filter up to 99.97% of allergens from your indoor air and surfaces.

Riccar Brilliance Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Anti-allergen bags designed to work with the Brilliance Tandem Air technology in Riccar Retriever vacuum models.

Riccar Omniclean Type Q Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

Made with ultrafiltration paper and designed to capture and trap microscopic dirt, dust and bacteria.

Riccar Radiance Type X Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

HEPA filtration technology designed to fit the Riccar Radiance vacuum series.

Riccar RC 1100 Canister Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed to fit the Riccar RC-1100 canister vacuum. These bags trap and hold dust mites, pollen and other microscopic allergens with an ultra-filtration system and thick inner lining.

Riccar Supralite Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Made to fit most household and commercial Supralite Riccar vacuum models, these bags filter 99.7% of dust, dirt and allergens.

Riccar Supralite Plus Canister Bags

Vacuum Bags

Ultra-filtration bags that capture microscopic bacteria, germs, spores, mites and other allergens to keep indoor air quality high.

Riccar Supralite Type F Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed to fit Riccar upright vacuum models. These bags are designed to trap and dispose of 99.7% of household allergens in carpet and flooring.

Riccar Supraquik Canister Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

For use with Supraquick Riccar vacuum models. Features an inner bag lining that keeps suctions dust, allergens and other microscopic particles from reentering the atmosphere.

Riccar Type A C13 Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed for use with the Riccar Vibrance 2000/4000 series vacuum and Belvedere models. These paper bags promote clean indoor air by trapping and holding dust, dander and other micro particles.

Riccar Type B C15 Paper Bags

Vacuum Bags

These disposable paper bags are designed to fit Riccar upright vacuum models. The micro-filter lining keeps dust and other allergens locked securely inside the bag.

Riccar Type H Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Made to fit Riccar 1500, 1700, 1800 series vacuums and the Impeccable, Immaculate, Pristine, Starbright and Charisma models. Offers high efficiency HEPA filtration.

Riccar Type Z Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed to fit the Moonlight, Sunburst and Pizzazz Riccar canister vacuum models. Type Z bags feature HEPA filtration technology that removes 99.97% of dust and allergens after use.

Riccar Vibrance Hepa Bags

Vacuum Bags

Made to fit all Riccar Vibrance vacuum cleaner models. Easy to install and easy to remove thick cloth bags trap dust, debris and odors picked up during the cleaning process.

Vibrance R20 Hepa Media Bags

Vacuum Bags

Designed to fit the Riccar R20 vacuum models. These bags have a red collar and feature self-sealing function along with HEPA filtration to keep allergens locked away.

While there are generic vacuum bags that many be available to fit your Riccar vacuum cleaner, for the longest life and best performance, the manufacturer recommends only using genuine Riccar brand vacuum bags in your machine.

To ensure your vacuum always has a new bag replacement ready to go and that your home and indoor air are always clean and fresh, be sure to stock up on the Riccar vacuum bags that fit your specific machine today.