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Right Sides Together

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Right Sides Together

Posted by Blog 19 March, 2017 Comments off

I seem to be drawn to garments lately.  Why?  Because you can finish 100 garments in the time it takes to make 1 quilt.  Seriously.  So, when it came time to pick a project to do for this weeks blog, guess what I chose?  A shirt.  A plaid shirt. A plaid boxy shirt with no buttons or zippers.  If you were to look in my closet to see how many plaid boxy shirts with no buttons or zippers, how many do you think I would find?  A lot.  Why?  I have no idea. I assume comfort, but my love of comfy plaid is internal.  I am still going to make another one.  You can’t talk me out of it.

First step, cut out fabric.  This is the part that always makes me nervous.  Every time.  At least now I am confident enough to cut it out myself instead of bringing it to Kerry.

I took this photo to blog about it and right after I took it I realized something.  Know what it is?RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  This is not right sides together.  Unpin, repin, and then cut. Whew.  Near disaster.

Truth be told, there are only 3 pieces I need to sew together.  How can I mess this up?  3 pieces.  ONLY, 3 pieces.

This is how I mess it up. RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Not only did I sew it on the wrong way, BUT I used my serger.  Have you ever tried to rip out serger thread?  I now can say I have.  Now, I am afraid to use my serger. I rip and rip and rip and rip…you get the point.  Finally, I get the collar facing off and re-sew.

Are you flipping kidding me!!??  I did it again!  I not only sewed it on wrong AGAIN, but I used my serger again!  I now have a serger for sale. Anyone interested?

This time I cut it off.  At this point I should have stuck with quilting.  I will not let “RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER” get the best of me.  I sew on.  A slight pucker in the shoulder, but all in all, I like it!



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