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Sew much to learn

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Sew much to learn

Posted by Blog 14 May, 2017 No Comments

I went to a sewing class this week at the store.  It was the “Catch All Caddy” class taught by Susan. It was the first hands on sewing class I have taken. Why would this be the first class I have taken considering my husband owns the store? BECAUSE, my children rule my life.  Not so much them, as actual humans, but their schedules.  Like I mentioned in one of my last blogs, if I can’t get it done before noon, it will not happen.  There are not many sewing classes offered before noon during the week.  This class was Monday night 5-8pm. I had to move mountains in terms of carpools to attend.

I arrived a bit early to claim my spot and to pick out which machine I wanted to use.  At Blow’s, when you take a class you bring in your own machine.  This is news to me.  I thought we had machines for people to use.  Nope.  Why?  BECAUSE, (I have learned) people like their OWN things.

I am sitting in my corner with my fabric waiting for the other students to arrive.  They start coming, with all their STUFF.  Serious stuff.  Wheelie bags, cutting mats, scissors, snips, garbage cans, rulers, seat cushions, pins, clips, and a FAN that plugs into the sewing machine to keep you cool.  I guess for the cardiovascular sewer.  I will not need a fan.  I have yet to get my heart rate above resting while sewing.

These are a few things that Cindy, my sewing partner, brought with her.  I wasn’t thinking quick enough to get a photo of the fan.  I am kicking myself!  Below, is a sample of what I brought with me.

Fabric.  JUST FABRIC.  Not only did I just bring fabric, I brought UNCUT fabric.  Guess what Cindy, my sewing partner, brought?

Cut and LABELED fabric. This is not a joke.  This is real.  Each cut piece had a little label pinned onto it.  Clearly, I did not get the memo.  AND, if I did get the memo, would I have done it?  We will never know.  However, I think we can all make an educated guess:)

I also learned many sewing tips from my sewing partner Cindy.  Like…

Who needs a pin cushion when you have a shirt.  (I am glad Cindy is a good sport because not every lady will let you take a close up of “the ladies”!)

She also taught me about the art of tube turning. Yet another thing I do not have or even knew existed.

Cindy has loaded up on even MORE pins at this point.  I did try this.  I stabbed myself on the first try.  I did not try again.  BUT, she came prepared with Band Aids.  “Not everyone thinks of bringing Band Aids” she tells me.  Good thing she came prepared and good thing she sat next too me!  Good for me anyway, bad for her.

I do not think she thought I was serious when I told her that she IS going to be my next blog.  SURPRISE, Cindy!

I also need to give props to Susan.  She knows how to handle a class with all different skill sets!  Like me.  I am the idiot who came with NOTHING except fabric.  She gentle walks me through all the steps as if I am not the most annoying person on earth.

It was a very fun experience!! I will move mountains to do it again!  THANK YOU to Cindy for putting up with me next to her and allowing me into her world.  THANK YOU to Susan for helping me cut out all that fabric!  Until next class!