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Sewing Buddy

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Sewing Buddy

Posted by Blog 7 May, 2017 Comments off

Guess what!!??  I have a sewing buddy.  Her name is Jordan.  She is 13.  She lives in Ohio.

Here is what happened to me last week.  My best friend, Nicole, came to visit.  She actually came to do a speaking tour to promote her book “Kindness is Contagious“,  but in my brain, she came to spend time with ME.  The best part of her visit was her daughter Jordan.  Nic, skip that last line. YOU were the best part.

Anyway, Jordan likes to sew.  She is the face behind “Cozy’s for the Cure” if you remember. If not, click the link.  She is incredible.

At the beginning of the week, I was tucked away in my sewing room when I realized Jordan was hanging on the couch with nothing to do.  I asked Jordan if she would like to come and make something with me.  “Sure, I’d love to.” YES, YES, YES.  Someone to sew with me!

Jordan has never made a garment before, but she wanted to make some shorts.  I happen to have a short pattern and some left over stretchy denim.  I showed her how to trace a pattern with all the markings and let her go.

She was in heaven!  And I loved it.  I worked on a pattern while she was sewing on hers.  It was blissful.  I didn’t have to talk.  We just sewed.  She didn’t need hand holding. She would just go for it.  Like me.  If only she didn’t live in Ohio.  🙁

We did encounter a few issues.

  1. Jordan decided after making one back pocket, that it was annoying and she is not going to make the other one.  Once pocket is just fine. (Girl after my own heart!!)
  2. The zipper.  We didn’t take into account the color of the zipper.  We worked with what I had on hand.  Which created the “I ripped my pants up the middle of my backside” look.  This is NOT the look we were going for.

SHE decided to overlap the fabric a bit closer to the zipper teeth.  Brilliant!  I learn from her more than she learns from me, I swear!!  Jordan also informed me she feels like a “BUTT model” with all these pictures.  However, she still allowed me to take them.  I’m telling you, she is a girl after my own heart! Her “go for it” attitude is amazing, ESPECIALLY on a 13 year old. Vanity??  Not with Jordan.

The end result was perfect.  AND she wore them around all day long.  With pride. No fancy designer label…her own two hands made these.  I love her for LOVING them.  I am very sad that she, I mean Nicole, will be leaving.  But we will always have sewing.



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