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I think I am stalking Tula Pink.

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I think I am stalking Tula Pink.

Posted by Blog 27 October, 2016 1 Comment
Here is the deal. Kerry and myself are responsible for booking a speaker for next years Quilt Exhibit. I asked around the sewing/quilting world to see who would be young & funky & fun. Tula Pink’s name came up. Never heard of her?? Me either. I went to google. She is cute, young, funky & fun. I decided to email her (maybe a few times). I get a response back from her assistant, Kat. Kat says, “Unfortunately, Tula is not currently booking any lectures or events as her contractual obligations have her traveling outside of the U.S. at a hectic pace.” To which I reply, “Man…I want a contract that takes me outside of the US. I’m lucky if I get to Dairy Queen down the street!!” She finds me funny and says, “If you find yourself in Houston for Intl. Quilt market please stop by our booth and introduce yourself. Booth #2617.” Tula Pink   WHAAAA….there is a Market for all things sewing and quilting??? This is nothing I have ever heard of. I go on google…THOUSANDS of vendors. I think I should go. I am a SEW person now. I should be in the “know”. I text Darren (my husband), “There is this really big Quilt/Sew market in Houston, TX. I think you should send Kerry and myself to check things out.” I wait for his reply. I see the typing bubble….eeeekkkk. He says, “Is this just a way for you and Kerry to get together, drink wine, and make fun of me while I pay for it?” Well…DUH….but also to learn! AND shop. He gives me the green light. A few clicks later and I have booked a hotel (I sure hope Kerry doesn’t snore. She SAYS she doesn’t, but people lie.) and a flight. Kerry got our “market buyers” badge, and I printed out some business cards. My first EVER business card! buisness-card I am publishing this blog early this week because Kerry and I leave on Friday. We need your help! Here is a link to the vendor list for the show. Check it out and tell us what you would like to see, have us bring back, or just take pictures of for inspiration. Our goal is to post live videos at the show (both of us have never done Facebook LIVE so that alone could be worth following), post pictures of things we like, and see if you do too! 16_houston_market_final-235x235 I MAY even meet Miss TULA PINK! Please leave comments on this blog. Although my good friend Nicole says to me, “You have to create a log in to leave comments, Andrea. That is annoying, even though I love you, I don’t love you that much.”  So if you find that annoying, like Nicole, you can also comment on Facebook. Remember, if you want sign up for my weekly mailing of this blog, click here! I now have 19 subscribers.  OK, fine, 10 are my family & friends, but it’s a start! Cheers. Andrea    

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  1. nphillips15

    I did it. I created an account, logged in and am now commenting. See how much I love you? Even more than you love Tula Pink. Now can I please go to Texas with you?