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What Were We Thinking?!

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What Were We Thinking?!

Posted by Blog 2 July, 2017 Comments off

Meet Stacey & Shannon.  They are my guest writers this week.

This all transpired on a spring Saturday night on Stacey’s porch.  We were sitting around when they say, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we tried to sew?”.  “Yes, yes it would.”  I left it at that and didn’t give it another thought.  UNTIL, they come over to my house, hijack supplies and tell me this is the week they are sewing and blogging.  What??  Really??  I thought that was “moscow mule” talk!  We also decided we were all going to Vegas.  Are we doing that too?  ANYWAY, I know nothing.  I will be reading their blog along with all of you on Sunday.  I DO know their sewing skills, so this will be good.  I would not be surprised if hot glue or velcro makes an appearance IN PLACE of stitching.  Carry on ladies.  Best of luck!  I CANNOT WAIT:)

Hi all! It’s Stacey and Shannon, aka, the editor’s of this blog. This week, however, we become the bloggers!  Don’t worry, Andrea will not be editing…(We love you, Andrea)!

Our idea was a simple sewing project.  We both scrapbook and craft, which uses a lot of glue dots and paper, sewing something was going to be a challenge! We searched Pinterest for 4th of July DIY sewing ideas and came up with a cute banner.  Easy Peasy…

So simple, in fact, we don’t even need a pattern.  Just buy fabric, cut some triangles, come up with letters for a saying, attach to twine and call it good!


  1. We decide that sticker letters won’t stick to fabric and cutting out letters is too time consuming. Shopping for iron-on letters is the way to go!
  2. Don’t tape your iron as a water-proof method while bonding interfacing and attaching iron-on letters…wet pieces of fabric!
  3. We also learned that you should wait to attach the letters as a last step rather than doing it before you sew the edges. (see photo)
  4. And of course, remember how to feed your bobbin or you may get frustrated when it runs out mid-project.

As the hours (yes, hours) passed by, we had to enlist child labor.

We were finally on a roll, when we realized the initial plan of how to attach the twine wasn’t going to work. We thought we could create a pocket at the top of each triangle and thread twine through like a curtain rod.  We didn’t account for the extra fabric it would need.  On to Plan B…

Hot glue? No, this is a sewing project.  We sewed the top corners together, then instead of using the rag ties as purely decorative we decided use them to tie the banner to the twine.  Whew!

Even though it took a little (or a lot) longer than expected, we still finished in time to hang our banners for the 4th!


Shannon & Stacey

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