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blows-sew-vac-vacuum-repair When you’re serious about keeping your surroundings spotless, your vacuum cleaner is one of the most used tools in your household. A quality vacuum cleaner should last through at least 10 years of regular use. However, even when you have one of the best vacuum cleaner models that money can buy, parts can wear down and break, leading to a need for replacement, servicing and repair. Your machine works tirelessly to pick up dust, dirt and allergens from carpet, hardwood floors, furniture and other hard to reach corners and crevices in your home. If the vacuum breaks down and you’re thinking about dragging it out to the curb, consider whether or not troubleshooting the appliance is a viable option instead. You can either troubleshoot it yourself or take it to an appliance repair shop and have a technician do it for you. If your vacuum isn’t working the way it should, use the following steps to see if you can maintain and repair it yourself.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Maintenance Tips

To keep your vacuum cleaner working like new for as long as possible, it’s important to take good care of it with regular maintenance services. No matter which brand manufacturer model vacuum you own, performing regular maintenance checks ensures that every part of your vacuum is in working order. It also gives you an early indication of when your automatic upright or other vacuum will need repairs or supplies.
  • Clean the filters

    Clean the filters, bags or canisters

    If your vacuum isn’t picking up dust and debris as well as it used to, lack of suction is the issue. Check the filter to make sure it is clean. If it is not, clean or replace each one. Empty the vacuum canister or replace the bag if it is full of dust.
  • Check the hose

    Check the hose

    Examine the vacuum hose to ensure it’s not being blocked by an object. This drastically reduces the suction power of the appliance.
  • Clean beater bar or brushroll

    Clean the beater bar or brushroll

    The beater bar or brushroll rotates and helps the vacuum pick up debris deep in carpet fibers. The brush is easily clogged with pet hair and can stop spinning properly because if it. Clean the bar thoroughly until it is free of all trapped debris.

Issues that Require Professional Vacuum Repair Support

If you’ve tried to self-diagnose and repair your vacuum with no results, the next step is paying a visit to a reliable vacuum repair service provider who can get your appliance working once again. Common problems that require service by a professional vacuum repair specialist include:
  • Won't turn on

    The vacuum won’t turn on

    If the vacuum doesn’t turn on at all, the problem is likely the on/off switch, the electrical cord or internal wiring. No matter the root cause, this type of repair is best left to a professional since it involves handling electrical components.
  • Beater bar won't spin

    The beater bar won’t spin

    If the vacuum beater bar stops spinning but it is not clogged with debris, the problem likely involves the drive belts. If this is the case, the problem belt will either need to be tightened or replaced, with either step requiring disassembly.
  • Motor Stops Working

    The Motor Stops Working

    The motor is the heart of your vacuum and what gives it the suction power that makes it a lean, mean floor cleaning machine. Motor repair is complicated, delicate and best left in the hands of a professional.

Choosing a Vacuum Repair Service Provider

To find the best service provider for your Dyson repair, Eureka vacuum repair or repair of other vacuum brands, you should pay close attention to two specific factors.
  • How reputable is the repair service provider?

    You want your vacuum to be repaired properly, don’t want to overpay for the service and want the entire process to be as pleasant as possible. This makes it important to find a service provider who can deliver in all of these areas. A shop with an excellent reputation that provides exceptional customer service and only uses genuine parts to repair vacuums is the best choice. And if they provide a guarantee on their work, that’s even better.
  • How much will the vacuum repair job cost?

    Repairing a vacuum that would be cheaper to replace doesn’t make a lot of sense. Before the repair service provider begins the process to fix a vacuum cleaner, you should always ask for an estimate of how much the repairs will likely cost. This lets you decide up front whether or not going ahead with the repair job is a good idea. Need to have your vacuum cleaner diagnosed and repaired? Call us today at 701-282-4783 or send us an email at [email protected] .