Bernina Midi Embroidery Hoop


Product Information

  • Uniform tension on the fabric surface

Get perfect results

  • Uniform tension on the fabric surface
  • Optimum use of the embroidery fleece
  • Ergonomic twist lock
  • Template for exact placement
  • Max. embroidery area 265 x 165 mm
  • Compatibility

    The BERNINA Midi Hoop is compatible with:

    • the models of the NEW BERNINA 5 Series as well as with the B 880 PLUS and B 790 PLUS.
    • After installing the firmware update, the B 880, B 830, B 790, B 780, B 770 QE, B 750 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700 are also compatible with the BERNINA Midi Hoop.


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