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A quality vacuum, like those manufactured by Riccar, keep your house clean and spotless with regular use. To enhance the performance of your vacuum cleaner, using genuine brand vacuum bags is essential. Riccar Vibrance Hepa bags are designed to work seamlessly with the entire line of Riccar Vibrance vacuum cleaners, which include the following models:
  • Vibrance Entry with Tools
  • Vibrance Entry
  • Vibrance Premium with Belt Protection
  • Vibrance Premium
  • Vibrance Deluxe
  • Vibrance Standard
  • Vibrance Classic

Vibrance Hepa bags also work with many of Riccar’s R series and 4000 series upright vacuum models including the R200, R300, R500, R600, R700 and R800 uprights.

Several of the outstanding features that make Riccar vacuum bags exceptionally high quality include:

  • Design – The design of Riccar vacuum bags enhances the cleaning power of your vacuum while minimizing the release of dust and other particles after they are removed from your home. The bag features a large debris holding capacity that lengthens the usable life of each bag. The bags also feature self-locking seals that trap dust and other debris securely for disposal.
  • Hepa Filtration – Riccar vacuum bags are designed with several layers of advanced Hepa filtration material that traps and removes up to 99.97% of all household allergens. This includes dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, dirt, germs, viruses and other microscopic particles that lower the quality of indoor air and potentially cause breathing problems.
  • Paper Quality – Riccar Vacuum bags are manufactured using the highest quality paper possible. Thicker paper makes the bag sturdy enough to stand up to the maximum amount of trapped dust and debris. The solid construction of the bags also make them less likely to tear or become damaged during installation and removal.
  • Quick Installation – Riccar Hepa vacuum bags are fast and simple to install and remove from your vacuum cleaner. The design of each vacuum bag prevents excessive dust, dirt and debris from being released back into the air when you remove one that is full from your vacuum.

Ensure that your vacuum always performs at its highest standard by exclusively using genuine Riccar brand vacuum bags. Manufactured to work seamlessly with a wide range of Riccar vacuum products, these bags are guaranteed to outperform any generic vacuum bags that may fit your Riccar model.

While there may be several options available for generic vacuum bags, only using authentic bags in your Riccar machine offers exceptional allergen control, clean bag disposal and guarantees the longevity of your machine.

Over time even the best vacuums start to lose their cleaning power if the bag or canister isn’t changed on a regular basis. A full bag reduces the amount of suction generated by the vacuum, which in turn lowers the effectiveness of your machine.

For the best performance possible, it is important to change your vacuum bag as soon as it is full. To ensure maximum value Riccar Vibrance Hepa bags come in a convenient six pack, which provides you with enough vacuum bags to carry out several months of household cleaning.


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